JFK, a hero cut down by evil Zionist Ben Gurion.

And a few years after that Ben Gurion and the rest of the conspirators involved, had President John F. Kennedy assassinated because, amongst other things, Kennedy was a Pan Arabist and wanted Israel stringently controlled and if they got out of control he had already had military plans drawn up to destroy Israel; Kennedy also stood in the way of Israel ever getting Nuclear Weapons. For all of these reasons and his opposition to Communism and the Federal Reserve, Ben Gurion and the rest, ordered the Mossad and others to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. Which the Mossad, with the help of Meyer Lansky (Jew Mob Boss of Murder Incorporated) and Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson and George Bush Senior and the CIA, did in 1963.

President John F. Kennedy was against involving the U.S. in the war in Vietnam, he knew what it would lead to – toppling Democratic rule and paving the way for the Communists to take over.

Ho Chi Minh was a puppet of Mao Tse Tung. Ho was responsible for murdering 5% of the entire population of Vietnam AFTER the United States left. He did it on purpose to steal their lands from them. Viet Communists still brag about this today. The people Ho murdered were innocent people – the only reason they were killed was to take their lands; it was called an ‘anti-Capitalist necessity’ by the murdering bastard Communists. Today Iraq is being murdered and some people claiming to represent the Iraqis are actually siding with Communists, who if they had the chance, would kill far more Iraqis. My Iraqi friend, nearly 20 years ago, told me the U.S. should stay out of Iraq and let Iraqis handle Iraq. He was absolutely right. The only way to make it worse would be if the Communists got in. Get the U.S. out and KEEP both of them, the U.S. and the Communists out. Give Iraq back to the only people it belongs to: THE IRAQIS.

The exact crux of the whole matter is the criminal invasion and destruction of the Holy Land by the Zionist entity. Before they came to Palestine they, the Zionist Kahal who comprised the ruling class of the Communists, were the plotters and saboteurs that destroyed the Russian Nation and the Czar and the Russian Orthodox Church. That is why the “formerly soviet countries” rank the worst in treatment of Christians.

Via the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the influence of the Zionist neo-Fascists for several decades, the Zionist-Communists have destroyed Constitutionality and true National Republicanism throughout the world. They are all under the aegis of the ruling Illuminati Black Nobility Elite.

The Houses of the Dragon are what promoted the Roman aligned religion of Saturn, read Satan, in Europe. These were the houses of nobility in Medieval Europe that continued the secret power of the dragon, that serpent of old (Revelation 20, verse 2 And he laid hold on the dragon, the old serpent, which is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. [a thousand years is not literal]) This was the same Satan worship that was part and parcel of the Ancient Cretan Double Eagles of the Mediterranean, embedded in the ancient Graeco-Egyptian religion from 3,500 years ago to the present. That, in turn was based on the Mesopotamian religion of Ur and Babel and Nimrud in Chaldaea of Mesopotamia, the land of Shinar, from twenty five centuries before that, in other words 6,000 years ago. The Haburah of the Jews is a recent version of this, which is only 2,500 years old. The Haburah is the basis for Zionism and the Jew form of Freemasonry (which is the arm of Talmudic Judaism into Gentile religion and government).

The Talmudic Judaists are used and controlled by the Illuminati, both are utterly evil.

The houses of the Dragon are the European controlling nobility of the Illuminati. The Illluminati are throughout all of Eurasia. The arms of the Illuminati to pollute all other religions and political bodies are Freemasonry and Zionism.

The ancient Mesopotamian Satanism is the ancient religion of Gnosticism which opposed the Old Testament Patriarchs and Prophets and the Church. This ancient religion of Gnosticism is that which seeks to pervert Islam as well. Some of the current forms of this Gnosticism are Communism, Zionism, Christian Zionism, Vatican Ecumenism and Evolution.

The Habara is a small cultic sect of Jews during the Babylonian exile (6th century B.C. – aproximately 2,500+) years ago. They rearranged certain belief systems they encountered and made up a religion out of it. At the core of what they invented is their own racist self worship.

The Habara invented the Mishnah or “oral teachings” that Jesus Christ condemned repeatedly and totally. During the time of the Rabbinic Palestinian academies in the first and second centuries A.D., the Jews began the composition of the Gemara. When that was combined with the Mishnah it became the Talmud. The companion to that is the Zohar. The Zohar is a book of sorcery. Both utterly blaspheme God and His Christ. There have been several Jew false Messiahs, since the true Messiah, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ walked the earth. And he did walk the earth. He also walked on water and raised the dead and, as the Noble Qu’ran says, God made him to die but raised him up and he lives and he ascended into heaven and at the Sayyidah, his Parousia – his second coming, he will raise and judge all men.

The false Messiahs that have come include Bar Kochba in the second century A.D., Sabatai Zvi in the 17th century A.D. and Theodore Herzl in the 19th century A.D. All three were Jews. All three were imbued with the Pharisaism of the Habara and the Talmudic teachings of the Mishnah, Gemara and Zohar – all three of which have their roots in the Harbara’s original blasphemous, racist, self worshipping religion of the Jews who apostasized from the true God. Today these are the Talmudists and Herzl is the Antichrist that used this blasphemous system to create political Zionism.

Political Zionism has as its core Lurianic (from Ari Luria) Caballistic Talmudism, which is the mainstay of the Likkud’s “religion” of “Israel’s” genocide and pillage against the Palestinians and, by the proxy of the United States and Iran, against Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan. The gentile arm of all of this is the Freemasonic Illuminati Black Nobility who today own the Banks and the Vatican and The World’s  Capitals amongst other groups and people. The Kahal is the progenitor of Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist Communism and its Gramscian-Gorbachevian revitalized 4th International. The Kahal is the Jews’ older organized form of Zionism and is responsible for hundreds of millions of dead gentiles due to Zionist Judaist Communist and Nazi organized owned and operated genocides committed against the gentiles.

Today, this Illuminati-Judaist wanton murdering of vast numbers of peoples by the Zionists and their puppet American War Machine is taking place against Palestine and Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Communism and Nazism are both totalitarian and both Socialist inventions, and both are opposed to Islam and Arab civilization and true Catholicism and the Religion of the Old Testament Prophets.

Socialism is racist. Communism is racist. Nazism is racist. All three are inventions of Apostate Jews. Marx, Bakunin, Herzl, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin etc. are the Jews behind Communism. Herzl is one of the main founding fathers of Zionism. Herzl is also one the main founders of German Socialism, out of which sprang National Socialism which is Nazism. Socialists are Communists and Communists are Socialists. All three of these hate the true God.

Both Muslims and Christians worship the true God. This secular socialist nonsense is the complete domain and developement of an Anti-God Illuminati Judaist dialectic which was used to disrupt European society and furnish the means to invade the Holy Land and brutally and savagely oppress the Palestinians. Socialism will never be anything more than an instrument of oppression by Judaists and their masters, the Black Nobility. In reality it is nothing more than Totalitarian Diabolic Tyrannical Collectivism.

Here is the last 3,000 years of the Illuminati Terrorism

The First Amendment: Terrorism and the Illuminati – A Three Thousand Year History – Index

Saturday, January 9, 2010


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